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Questions That Should Be Asked When Choosing An Employment Partner

  • Is the agency registered in Ontario?
  • How long has the agency been in business?
  • Ask for their WSIB NEER rating factor.
  • Use caution when you partner with a company who doesn't produce a WSIB clearance certificate.
  • Has the agency ever been charged by the Ministry of Labour for any violations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act?
  • Ask if the agency is making the required remittance (under the right group rate) to WSIB on behalf of the temporary employee working at your facility.
  • Does the agency have an internal Joint Health and Safety Committee (as per The Occupational Health and Safety Act)?
  • What type of safety testing do employees receive? (WHMIS)
  • Does the agency train or address safety issues with the candidates?
  • Does the agency have an active WSIB claims manager on staff?
  • Temporary employees may qualify for Statutory Pay (as per Employment Standards Act)?
  • Is the agency complying with Vacation Pay requirements (as per Employment Standards Act)?
  • What type of wage will the employees receive?
  • How often is the employee paid? How will the employee be paid?
  • Are benefits available to the employees?
  • Insist that all employees being sent to your company have a valid SIN number or a current work permit!
  • Does the agency reference check your employees and are those references available upon request?
  • What type of academic testing do the employees receive?
  • What type of liability insurance does the agency carry?
  • What is their orientation package?