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We Can Find The Best Fit

For all new client orders, Nu-Way assigns a fully trained co-ordinator. Your co-ordinator will request an on-site visit to get a clear understanding of the job description, and work place environment. This identifies the best candidate for your staffing requirements.


Your Nu-Way co-ordinator will then draw from our large pool of qualified employees. The selected applicants will then go through a thorough pre-screening process, which includes interview, reference checks and testing. In order to get the best possible selection of candidate(s), the position(s) will be advertised if necessary. Your co-ordinator will then send the most qualified and suitable candidate(s) to you for the final decision.


Your co-ordinator will call within the first four hours of the assignment to confirm that the employee has arrived on time and is working to your satisfaction. In the unlikely event that our employee does not perform to your standards, Nu-Way will immediately find a replacement employee.


Your co-ordinator will maintain contact with you throughout the assignment, to ensure all staffing needs are being met.

When using Nu-Way, ordering temporary and permanent employees has never been easier.

Our dedicated team is accessible 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!