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Top 10 Reasons to Use NU-Way/PDQ+

  • 1.  Dedicated to providing you with risk free quality and personalized service.

  • 2.  Cost effective programs that will meet all your company's requirements and budgets.

  • 3.  No advertising expenses and no costly interview and processing overhead.

  • 4.  Capable of meeting all your staffing needs with our large pool of qualifed employees.

  • 5.  Nu-Way covers staffing for warehouse logistics, office personnel and employee leasing.

  • 6.  Industrial employees are tested on their basic academic skills and WHMIS knowledge.

  • 7.  Office employees are tested using frequently updated, state-of-the-art software.

  • 8.  Nu-Way offers national staffing services across Canada.

  • 9.  Payroll service with unlimited funds.

  • 10.Nu-Way's hands-on approach and understanding in today's business environment.